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The Living Book is where the Angels, Archangels, Lady Gaia, the Ascended Masters, the Unicorns, the Fairies and the Earth Elementals gift me with messages.

These channelled messages will help you to stay connected to the spiritual realms and what they want you to know at this time.

Message from Sanat Kumara – You Are Love

My dears, love is the pattern of light that hold no bounds
The love you feel in your hearts is unconditional
Love is the purest path on earth,
Love is the pure light that you see when you love another, when you gaze at a beautiful plant or flower, when you see a rainbow or admire a beauty of sky
Love is everywhere
My dears nature is a wonderful way to feel love, nature radiates love
Love is available to you at all timesxx
Your hearts are rays of lights
Your hearts can hold and channel vast amounts of light
And as such you are a channel of love
When pure love is given to another your hearts open
When you gaze at nature, and birds , trees, animals that you love at flowers and plants with love
Your hearts open
Find something today that you can love
And gaze to your hearts content
Let your hearts soar open in Joy at what you find to gaze upon
Doing this daily will open your heart
My dears if you will look for things to love
Be it nature, be it animals that you love, be it beautiful babies and children that you see , be it someone you love, gaze with love
It is wonderful to love
And as you live in love ,you will find your hearts can hold vast light
And with this light, it travels throughout all of your chakras lighting and centring you
Love is a powerful healer! When you feel love your whole body shines with light,
We see it from here! Light shines from you , as you when you love,
Your whole energetic system lights up with light
And as you love it shines light into the world too and to those around you
The plants and flora and fauna of your planet greatly benefit by being loved
When you see beauty in a plant or flower , light pours from you to that flower and Joy is felt
Dear ones , if you wish, go out into nature, be it a garden or park or by a tree or by a beautiful landscape,
and look and find nature that you find beautiful to gaze upon
And your hearts will open, more and more
My dears you are all beautiful , and you each have the capacity and ability to shine love to the world and to yourselves and others
Love yourselves
Gently nurture yourselves and others
Be love
For it is your natural state
Your natural energy is love
For that is who you are
My dears be gentle with yourself
Talk to yourself and others with love
When you give yourself love , with your gentle thoughts and praise and encouragement to yourself you spirit shines and your love pours through you
You are love
You are beautiful
You are loved
With our love and ever blessings
Sanat Kumara and the angelsxxxxx

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