My name is Jennifer Peace and I am a writer and channel of the Angelic Realms.

Since birth my life has been led by pure direct guidance from the angels and my guides.

I want to share my light and guidance with you and so my intention for for all those who visit my site or book a personal reading with me, is that they are touched by the Angelic Realms.

I want the lives, pathways and gifts of those who come to this website be blessed and furthered with joy, clarity and the beautiful energies and blessings of the angelic realms.

The angels asked me to set up this website as a portal for these important spiritual messages, as a place where they can share the beauty of Divine wisdom and truth with the world.


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I will connect to the angelic realms and channel any information they would like you to know.

Living Book

I have been guided by the Angels that the blog section of my website on the front page, is to be a living book where the Angels, Archangels, Lady Gaia, the Ascended Masters, the Unicorns, the Fairies and the Earth Elementals will be giving me channeled messages to share.

Wishing you all love and great expectation of your future and blessings from the Angelic Realms.



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